Would you like to find out more about foster care and get in touch with the nearest services?

This section contains useful information and the contacts of public and private services operating throughout the Province of Brescia (and outside) to which you might want to address yourself.
When talking of foster placements and foster care, the word “network” is bound to come up, because foster care as a device of social solidarity only functions when a network of cooperators is involved in its day-by-day maintenance and people contribute their professionalism, their time, and their energy to the project.
Each partner has a role and a responsibility towards the minor whose right to grow up in a context of safety needs to be guaranteed, and whose return to his or her birth family is by definition the ultimate goal for all the parts involved.
A network provides ongoing support to the child and its birth family: social workers, psychologists, educationalists, teachers, trained volunteers, and other experts are called upon to work together.
Families cooperating in solidarity, too, can form a network. Family networks may play a crucial role in providing assistance and in sharing everyday issues.
To find out how you can join the network you can get in touch with the representatives of public or private services and visit the websites listed in this section.